Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Swim Suit Shenanigans

This is how it went down:

Macho Man: "Mom, where is my swim suit?"

Me: "On the clothes line."

Macho Man: "I need it right now."

Me: "You can go and get it down BUT if (using this word was my big mistake) you have to take other clothes off, don't just crumple them in to a laundry basket. Fold them and put them away." (It just so happened that I knew that it was at the end of the line and he'd have to put the whole load away.)


He comes back in wearing his swim suit.

Me: "Did you put the laundry away?"

Macho Man: "Nope. I climbed the tree."


joanna said...

Now that is creativity! And it does sound like something my Joshua would do. He would much rather climb the tree than put away the laundry! Loved the photos. I am envious of your clothesline. I guess you could say I have "clothesline envy." (our neighborhood doesn't allow them). Someday when we move to the country... Hope you are all enjoying the summer.

Jennifer said...

Thanks Joanna... my (very thoughtful) husband put it up for me. I really do l-o-v-e it. You know you save about 60 cents a load hanging clothes out instead of drying them in the dryer. Before this I had one in the basement and hung them up year around. Ever considered the garage or something?

Thanks for your comments!


Becki said...

Oh that is hilarious! You could probably write a book with those kinds of things happening. LOL Thanks for sharing!


Ginny said...

Love the clothesline and the youthful ingenuity! :-D

I have a clothesline just like it. From my back porch to a pole in the yard.

You might want to try some line spacers, although it doesn't look like your clothes sink too far down. Mine would touch the ground, so I found these line spaces at Lowe's. You use one about every load and it keeps the line from sagging. They really work!

I just discovered your blog (linked from Tammy's Recipes). We are just discovering the beauty of the Biblical feasts and found some neat information here.