Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Are your children tired of playing outside? Too many sunny, warm days in a row? Remind them that it will cold and dark out all too soon. Something that has helped my children to find the outdoors fresh and fun again is a little dish washing liquid and some imagination.
I know that bubbles are a toddler staple. But did you know that you can make them? And did you ever stop to think that those little wands aren't the only things that make bubbles????

Give this a try:

Bubble Recipe
1 cup Joy or Dawn dish washing liquid (you can do it with others but Joy is the best bubble maker!)
3 T glycerin (found at any drug store - you can make it without but the glycerin helps the bubbles hold up longer)
1 gallon of water

You can make this by the gallon using a clean, recycled gallon milk jug or you can make a little bigger quantities... what about the little wading pool? Make three gallons or so and pour it in.

Find some fun bubble paraphernalia. Anything with a hole or holes in it will do. Do you want to make little tiny bubbles? Try those green baskets that strawberries typically come in. Do you want great big bubbles? Take a couple of plastic hangers down from the closet and try those. The potato masher, paper cups with the bottom punched out, even string tied end to end will work.

Not only will even your big kids want to get involved in the fun, but everyone will think that you are a genius!

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